While normal laptops and smartphones typically have one operating system like Windows, Android or iOS, the Xfinitum works with multiple devices and different operation systems


XFINITUM® – the first cross platform device ever.

Xfinitum enhances the functionality of your smartphone by bringing you a whole new level of comfort and interaction.

Connect Xfinitum wirelessly to your iOS Android smartphone and it will turn into laptop replacement

Turn your mobile devices into a ultimate machine

Smartphones. We rely on them for almost every minute, of every hour, of every day. How could we ever live without them? But they have a weakness. Their functionality has never quite rivaled the laptop. Until now. Introducing XFINITUM your new smart companion device.    


Millions of iOS and Android apps

Connect your XFINITUM wirelessly to Apple iOS or Android Smartphone and the Xfinitum will use your Smartphone as a processing unit. There’s no need to struggle with a pint-sized screen!

Wireless Storage (up to 1TB )

Up to 1TB of wireless storage gives you plenty of file size flexibility-so you can work, create, watch and listen to your heart’s content.


PS4 and xBox connectivity

If you want to play PlayStation games, you no longer need to stay home to do so. Simply connect your PS4 to Xfinitum and use your Xfinitum as a gaming laptop.


High quality Sound

Equipped with 6 high fidelity drivers, Xfinitum gives you uncompromising listening experience with all of the high and low frequencies.


Weeks of battery life

XFINITUM’s unique technology has a 73 HOURS battery life on a single charge. It doesn’t matter anymore if you forget to charge your device overnight!

Wireless Card Reader

Xfinitum gives you a wireless card reader that you can use with any wireless devices to copy and share files with your friends and expend your iPhone’s storage.

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