Our story

Xfinitum Pte. Ltd. is an innovative technology company based out of Singapore. First conceived in 2014, Xfinitum Pte. Ltd. was launched in 2015. The first project was a device that would replace traditional laptops. Their minds pointed toward innovation, they decided to avoid using standart laptop components and using a smartphone as the CPU, memory, and main processing unit instead. Developing their first prototype and raising their first round of start-up capital, Xfinitum Pte. Ltd. was officially registered in Singapore in April 2015. A truly global company, Xfinitum has since then picked up throughout Europe and Asia team members who are dedicated to creating a unique and modern device.


Most recently, Xfinitum Pte. Ltd. started working with factories in Vietnam and China, preparing for mass production and setting up connections with more than sixteen suppliers and manufacturers in all, diversifying their operation and protecting their interests in the long term.

A technology development company first and foremost, Xfinitum is prepared for the road ahead, having accrued the tools and resources necessary to compete in this industry. Their mission is to offer alternative options to the costly and inefficient solutions that dominate the consumer electronic market today, and as a business, they are striving to achieve affordability and quality.


We are not just a company, we are a team of dedicated professionals


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