15.6″ and 17.3″ IPS Full HD screen

You can take full advantage of the bright, high-quality IPS, anti-glare screen when watching movies, looking at your favorite pictures and playing games.

40.000 mAh capacity of battery

Xfinitum’s unique technology has a battery life of 73 hours on a single charge. It no longer matter if you forgot to charge your device overnight or left your charger behind – you now have battery life for a week. So wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll always have a power supply with you but without the excess baggage!


High quality low frequency sound

Xfinitum equipped with advanced 4:2 built audio system 4 mid and 2 low frequency drivers for better gaming and listening experience. XFINITUM’s sound system is designed to make portable gaming and portable sound uncompromised.

Wireless card reader and wireless cloud

Xfinitum gives you a wireless card reader that you can use with any wireless devices to copy and share files with your friends and expend your iPhone’s storage. Use Xfinitum as storage for thousands of movies, songs, photos, and files. With Xfinitum you will never run of storage on your mobile device. No more problems caused by insufficient storage. Expend your mobiles device storage with wireless memory of Xfinitum up to 1TB. 

xfinitum technical specifications