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Revolutionary New Laptop Developed by Singaporean Tech Company

Singapore – Xfinitum Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based technology development and manufacturing company, this week announced they are launching pre-order campaign of their groundbreaking technological product in upcoming weeks. Their state-of-the-art laptop is the first cross platform device created by any tech company in the world that made to replace majority of devices that we use for our work and play.

While regular laptops and smartphones typically have one operating system like Windows, Android or iOS, the Xfinitum works with multiple devices and different operation systems. This gives users the ability to watch movies, play games, browse the internet, and play music on laptop while the content is being processed by the computing power of their smartphone.

The way it works is quite simple. The user just needs to download the Xfinitum application onto their iOS or Android smartphone and then activate the “pair” feature in the app. This will establish a wireless connection from their existing smartphone to the Xfinitum laptop. Once this is done, you will have a strong connection between the two devices and enjoy your media content on Xfinitum.

With a wireless connection established, your smartphone transforms into Xfinitum laptop. You can rely on the processing power of your smartphone to run all kinds of applications and media content. As your smartphone runs an application, game, movies or presentation slides, it will show up on the big screen in high resolution on your brand new Xfinitum, with high quality low frequency sound.

“We’ve taken advantage of the best technologies proven over time and with that, we’ve developed a brand-new device that helps you to better enjoy the technology of today and whatever comes in the future,” a representative of the company said.

The biggest advantage to running smartphone apps on the Xfinitum laptop is that you won’t have to upgrade the laptop anytime soon. Since the smartphone is the device which runs the apps, you won’t need to depend on the resources of your laptop to process them. This will let you keep your Xfinitum laptop for at least 7 to 10 years without needing a new one. The only device you’ll have to upgrade is your smartphone.

Xfinitum laptops have a 40.000 mAh battery capacity which gives users 73 hours of battery life on a single charge as well as built in 6 speakers. Currently available with a 17.3” and 15.6” high-resolution IPS screen, the Xfinitum priced at just $98 to the first 200 backers on its launch day on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. After launch day, the device will be available at $289. For more information, visit and inquire about this one-of-a-kind laptop that is sure to change your life.